The new Speed Clicker app helps save your mouse and your fingers when playing games like FarmTown and FarmVille.

Speed Clicker does all the clicking for you at whatever speed you want which will guarantee you the best performance and speed when harvesting your own crops of competing against others on someone else's farm. You will love to get hired once you have Speed Clicker no matter how many people you are competing against you will get at least 80% of the harvest with minimal effort.

There is also a nifty variance input where you can choose the number of pixels that the cursor will randomly jump. This is very handy when fishing as you can zoom in very close to the lake or river then set a variance of ~40. Click the Cntrl key and watch your fish roll in.

When changing the click rate in Speed Clicker you may notice the browser "freeze" when you set the rate too fast. The program is still clicking and FarmTown still registers but it is not very convienant. Raising the click rate(slow down the speed) will resolve this. You can also zoom in, which will let you click at faster rates without freezing

Worried about getting caught? Don't! Because this program runs as a desktop Application on your computer the game has no idea it is running or that you are getting any help.

See the Features page for a screenshot and instructions or download it now for free

Check out a video of Speed Clicker in action

Here is an example of a farm I was hired on to with a few other people. A good portion of the farm was already done by the time I showed up. But as you can see once I fired up the Speed Clicker I was able to harvest a majority of the crops.

Quick Farming